Why candle size matters

The size of your candle truly depends on whether you’re a rule-follower or a rebel. I’ve burned plenty of tealights in my kitchen and that’s just never gonna change. Periodt. But you’re obviously here to learn about why the size of your candle matters in relativity to the room in which it’s placed, so even though I don’t always follow the rules I at least know what the hell I’m talking about. 😉

Ultimately you want to consider the size of the room you plan on burning your candle in. Tealights or votives tend to provide enough fragrance for small spaces such as bathrooms, dorms, or offices. Larger container candles typically serve larger rooms such as living rooms, bedrooms, or kitchens. Another important thing to consider is your fragrance strength preference. A smaller candle will give off a lighter scent, while a larger candle’s cold and hot throw, or degree to which a candle’s fragrance lingers in the air before and after being lit, will be much stronger. So if you have a sensitive nose or just prefer less scent, opt for a smaller sized candle before committing to a larger one.

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